We are Facilitating
the Equitable Transition of
Marginalised Communities
to Bioregional Economies
by using a
Collaborative Community Approach
to Regenerative Development,
and Building a Society,
that is Prosperous,
Resilient & Sustainable.

Equity Pact : South Africa

A prosperous equitable future should be a right for all South Africans!

South Africa currently has 117 race based laws discriminating against Whites, Coloureds and Indians. On the 1 September 2023 a new law comes to effect. This law gives the Minister of Labour the sole right to introduce gross racial quotas on sectoral and regional level, and he can then force employers to comply with it!

Join EQx & Build Your Microbusiness NOW!

The only viable job option for many people in South Africa — especially Whites, Indians & Coloureds — is self-employment. Equity Pact (EQx) is dedicated to helping the marginalised to set up their own microbusinesses. Being self-employed is the only logical choice!

With over 1,000 Self-Employment ideas, EQx will be able to help just about anyone. Furthermore, EQx intends to facilitate the development of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) & a Community Supported Business (CSB) network — further assuring the success of microbusinesses.

EQx is an impact-led social enterprise. A social enterprise is a business that aims to achieve a particular public or community mission (social, environmental, cultural or economic), and reinvests the majority of its profits into achieving that mission.

We are thus passionate about helping South Africans build a prosperous future. Please note that the EQx Development Co-operatives are owned by their members.

N.B. You must be a RESCUE Exchange member and an EQx Development Co-operatives member to participate in the full programme.

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Join EQx & study the RSD Course

Equity Pact South Africa uses the RESCUE Exchange for EQx token transactions. The cost of joining EQx on the RESCUE Exchange is currently R100 once-off. By joining EQx you will get life-time access to the Regenerative Systems Design Course, the Collapse-on-Demand Transition Course, and special deals on many other third-party courses.

The RSD Course covers a comprehensive range of subjects that are relevant to the task of the development of EQx Communities — regenerative farming, business development, ecosystem restoration, building systems, renewable energy, community development, etc. Minimum RSD qualifications are required to exit a Development Co-operative and become an owner of a home and a business in a community.

N.B. You must be an RESCUE Exchange member to to study the RSD Course!

EQx uses the Cyclos App

Based on secure banking software, the Cyclos App powers the mobile version of the RESCUE Exchange. Mobile users can also use an internet browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari ...

South African Society
is in a Death Spiral ...

Build yourself a
secure escape plan ...

You can start building
your equity now ...

Even if you are working
in a dangerous city...